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The week ahead, the week behind

Just two weeks into a busier-than-normal legislative session, you are making your voice heard. Since the start of session, we’ve registered more than 1,000 emails, phone calls, petition signatures, and social media messages through our legislative action center.

Thank you for taking action…

… but we still need your help!

Visit our Legislative Action Center for the latest and most urgent actions this session. >>


• Immunity for Industry (Nuisance) – The Senate put H.3653 on Special Order, ensuring that it will be debated in the next few weeks. If passed, this bill would give industry blanket immunity from nuisance suits and prevent citizens from taking action to limit noise and odor pollution from expanding industry.

• Automatic Stay – The Senate version of the Automatic Stay Bill (S.105) passed out of the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday with the Senate amendment remaining in tact. If passed, this bill would limit the ability of citizens to engage in the permitting process by allowing environmental destruction before a permit is final.

• Offshore Drilling – The weather cancellations delayed the subcommittee hearing on S.712, the bill that would put a biased and misleading question on primary ballots about offshore drilling. The rescheduled hearing is expected in the next few weeks.


• Lobby Day and Legislative Kickoff Event – Conservationists will gather on Tuesday at 11am for our first organized lobby day of the Year. Join us and then stay for the CVSC Legislative Kickoff. Email me to RSVP or with any questions.

• Dam Safety – The Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee will discuss dam safety issues on Thursday, January 25. It’s unclear if H.3218 will be discussed, as it stalled in committee last Year. This bill is needed to give DHEC the tools and data it needs to protect citizens from failing dams and reduce the risk of more failures like we saw in 2015 and 2016. Please urge your Senator to make our state safe and improve our dam safety law.

• Home Rule and Plastic Bags – After deferring debate earlier in the session, H.3529 can be considered in the House as early as Wednesday. Please let your Representative know that you believe communities should have the right to find local solutions to local problems and urge them to vote against this awful bill.

• Automatic Stay – After passing out of the House Judiciary Committee last week, S.105 will be on the House Floor. Contact your Representative today and let them know that you support citizen’s rights to engage in the public permitting process and to urge them vote against S.105.

If you have any questions about these bills or want to read more about our conservation priorities for this session, please review our 2018 legislative hotlist summary here.

As always, thanks for all you do!

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