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H.3529 Anti-Home Rule (Continuing Bill)

With several intense debates on the roles of local and state government and the detrimental effects of plastics on our coastal economies, House champions won a very close vote on March 7, 2017, to delay consideration of the bill it for a Year by “continuing the bill”. This continuance vote is the focus of this scored vote.

House champions that assisted with the continuance vote in 2017 include Representatives Brown, Clary, Cobb-Hunter, Cogswell, Erickson, Herbkersman, McCoy, McKnight, Newton, Ott, J. Smith, Stavrinakis, Sottile, and Williams.

The bill was again eligible for consideration in the House in 2018. Despite valiant attempts by House champions, special interests succeeded in flipping a number of votes to allow the bill’s passage in the House on February 7, 2018, by a vote of 73-41.

The bill then moved to the Senate. The one Year delay achieved by the 2017 continuance vote allowed the conservation community to build intense grassroots and legislative opposition to the bill. Ultimately, the bill died in the Senate in 2018.

  • This is a procedural vote on an Anti-Conservation Bill.
  • The Pro-Conservation Vote was YEA for continuing the bill on March 7, 2017.
  • The Continuing vote was successful in 2017. However, the bill passed the House in 2018 and then stalled and died in the Senate.
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