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Tomorrow we vote. I remember my excitement when I voted for the first time. November 1968.  It was an important election (and I didn’t vote for the winner).  Tomorrow is another important election and I’m voting for Vincent Sheheen.  I want “honest leadership.” I want a Governor who cares about conservation.

Vincent takes his kids boating on our rivers.  He works to protect land on his beloved Lake Wateree.  He votes to uphold the rights of citizens to fight pollution.  He listens to all sides and brings people together.  In the words of The Greenville News: “Sheheen is the best choice for governor in this 2014 race, too. Unlike the governor he is not a natural on the campaign trail, and is far from an exciting politician. But Sheheen is a serious leader who is able to get things done in his understated way. He also continues to be a strong consensus-builder in the Senate, and his achievements of the past four Years should have South Carolina voters eager to see what he could accomplish in the Governor’s Office.”

Whatever race we are talking about, we are asked about polling data. The outcomes tomorrow look close. They depend upon who turns out to vote, upon who is more motivated to vote.  Conservation Voters always endorses to win and we are mindful of using our endorsements to educate voters about the environment and inform them about how incumbents have voted.

You can help us tomorrow by voting for candidates we have endorsed.  You have a choice in the Governor’s race.  If you don’t like the choice you have for your state Representative (most are unopposed), help us recruit a better candidate in 2016.  Whatever the outcome is tomorrow, our work is not done, but it sure would be exciting to have a “green governor in 2014.”

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