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Virtual Lobby Week and Much More!

Thank you for the leadership and support you’ve shown so far this legislative session. As Deitra and I have braved the State House during this pandemic, fighting the good fight has felt easier because we know you have our backs.

We have a lot happening, so let’s dig in:

What Happened Last Week

  • Pyrolysis (Melting Plastics): While the Senate addressed issues with the Port, S.525 hit the Senate floor. Many thanks to Senators who have shown conservation leadership by opposing this bill and contesting it on the floor. Contesting the bill means that it will likely not come up for debate unless a supermajority of Senators want to bring it up. We’re working to strengthen our bipartisan Coalition that is opposed to this bill and keep it from being debated.
  • Solar HOA: What’s shaping up to be one of the few pieces of legislation that has overwhelming bipartisan support this Year, H.3979 was introduced in the House last week with 70 cosponsors. This bill prohibits homeowners’ associations from arbitrarily restricting the installation of a solar energy system.. H.3979 sits in the Labor, Commerce, and Industry Committee and needs a subcommittee and committee hearing to move forward.
  • Heirs’ Property: A joint resolution introduced by Representatives JA Moore and Chandra Dillard, H. 3926 seeks to establish a study committee to examine current and prospective methods to address Heirs’ Property issues in SC. Heirs’ Property is a legal term that describes land that has been passed down from one generation to another without a will and results in multiple “co-owners” of a single piece of property. You can learn more about Heirs’ Property in SC here. H.3926 sits in the House Judiciary Committee and needs a subcommittee and committee hearing to move forward

Virtual Lobby Week 2021

Join the SC Conservation Coalition, a statewide alliance of over 35 different conservation organizations, the week of March 15th for a virtual version of our annual Lobby Day. Here’s a run-down of the schedule:

  • Daily in the mornings – We’ll provide you a social media toolkit, digital actions, and call scripts on hot-topics for the day to use in your virtual lobbying efforts.
  • Monday, March 15 at noon – Advocacy Training with your CVSC lobby team and a guest lawmaker. We’ll record this training, so you can watch it live or later to make sure you’re prepared to talk to your legislators.
  • Tuesday, March 16 (time TBD) – A deep-dive webinar on a conservation priority issue for the week, featuring lobbyists working on this issue and lawmakers leading the way at the Capitol
  • Wednesday, March 17 (time TBD) – Another deep-dive webinar on a different conservation priority issue for the week, featuring lobbyists and lawmakers.
  • Thursday, March 18 (5:30pm) – Virtual Happy Hour and Film Screening. Tune in with your favorite snacks and beverage to wind down after a long week of virtual lobbying on conservation issues. We’ll have a short happy hour from 5:30-6pm to share some war-stories on how the lobbying went this week and then watch a short film at 6pm.

Register now to participate in 2021 Virtual Lobby Week!

Amplify Your Voice: Check Out Our Action Center!

  • Stop Special Exemptions For Melting Plastics Industry: Big plastic and chemical companies are lobbying for special treatment to melt plastic waste for manufacturing, a process called pyrolysis, in South Carolina. Send a message to your Senator today to stop S.525!
  • The Future of Santee Cooper: Santee Cooper serves 2 million customers with power, either directly or indirectly through cooperatives. But whether you are in Santee Cooper’s service area or not – this is important. Ensuring that our state-owned utility is responsibly and equitably managed is a win for the economy, environment, and communities across the state. Contact your Senator about a clean energy future for Santee Cooper.
  • Clean Drinking Water: PFAS – toxic ‘forever chemicals’ – have been found in the drinking water of our communities across the state. Contact your lawmakers and urge them to support and co-sponsor legislation to limit these chemicals in our drinking water. Encourage your legislators to protect your drinking water from toxic chemicals!

As always, thank you. I really hope to see you during our virtual lobby week. Whatever time you can give will help.

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