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Utilities are at it again > sign our solar petition

Well… it happened. July 31, 2018, was the last day that folks who install solar panels in some areas of the state will have the chance to get paid a fair price for the energy they produce.

Why? Because with the explosive growth of solar across South Carolina, Duke Energy has hit the arbitrary cap on solar net metering (the policy that allows fair compensation for energy that solar homeowners produce).

But even if you’re not a Duke Energy customer, this is a BIG DEAL.

<<Push back on this today and sign our petition for our Legislature to act on solar.>>

Starting today, South Carolinians in Duke Energy territory who want solar on their rooftops will have to sell their solar energy to the utility monopoly at rock-bottom prices. The utility monopoly will then double or triple the price before they sell it back to solar customers and others – all while making sizeable profits off the solar energy generated by folks like you and me.

How did we get here? Simple – a combination of inaction by legislators and aggressive lobbying by the big utility monopolies. The utility monopolies saw competition from solar, they worked to stop it, and their allies in the legislature went along with it. Every effort to increase the arbitrary net metering cap failed during this past legislative session.

So what does this mean? For Duke Energy customers, it means less choice for where you get your power. It means that you’ll no longer be fairly compensated for the power you produce on your roof.

For customers of other energy utilities across the state, this is what will happen in the next few months when the net metering cap is hit in your area.

But you can push back.

Don’t let a bunch of utility lobbyists raise your power bills. Sign our petition today demanding our elected leaders act on solar.

But it gets worse. People are losing their jobs over this.

Residential solar has been one of the fastest growing industries in South Carolina, but if we don’t raise the net metering cap, the industry will have to downsize. And that means layoffs for hard working South Carolinians.

What’s sad is that this was preventable.

Add your name to the growing list of folks demanding legislators return to the State House and finish the job. You can find the petition here: >>> https://p2a.co/BVw97Z7

Once you sign, we’ll stay in touch about how to raise your voices and call for the clean energy future we deserve in South Carolina.

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