CVSC is proud to endorse Rep. Peter McCoy (R-James Island), one of our three legislators honored with a Green Tie Award this year. McCoy served the Lowcountry’s barrier islands in the State House from 2011 to present, where he worked to protect the quality of life, economic vitality, and natural resources of the region – achieving a 74% lifetime score on CVSC’s Conservation Scorecard and a 105% score for 2017-2018.  In 2016, McCoy sponsored the Shoreline Protection Act that established historic protections for our coastline from aggressive seaward development, saving iconic Lowcountry landmarks like Captain Sam’s Spit. Continuing his focus on protecting the quality of life in the Lowcountry, he co-sponsored the bill that successfully reauthorized the Conservation Bank in 2018. He also successfully led a bipartisan coalition in 2017 to stop efforts that would have limited the ability of local communities to ban plastic bags. McCoy joined over 30 bipartisan colleagues in opposing drilling off our coastline in 2017 and co-sponsored numerous resolutions opposing drilling in 2018.

After the failure of the VC Summer nuclear project in mid-2017, McCoy was appointed as chair of the House Utility Ratepayer Protection Committee with a charge of recommending sweeping reforms to energy decision-making in South Carolina. The result of his committee’s work was a “6-pack” of energy reforms that sought to inject transparency, accountability, and ratepayer protections into our energy system. He sponsored each of these six bills and shepherded many of them through to final passage.

With a strong commitment to clean energy and increased competition, McCoy also co-sponsored legislation to raise the solar net metering caps and was the lead sponsor of a House bill to allow free market competition for large-scale energy generation, driving down generation costs – and energy rates – across the state.

During the frenzied focus energy issues in 2018, McCoy saw the importance of legal protections for citizens in all elements of state government, fighting against the roll-back of the Automatic Stay, a key legal protection for citizens’ rights to a clean and healthy environment. CVSC is proud to endorse conservation champion Peter McCoy.