CVSC is proud to endorse Rep. Leon Stavrinakis (D-Charleston) for District 119. Stavrinakis’s’ 105% score on our latest scorecard comes from his consistent support and sponsorship of several environmentally conscious bills. Stavrinakis was instrumental in permanently reauthorizing the SC Conservation Bank. Conservation Bank provides a vital funding source that protects land across the state with cultural, historical, and recreational significance.

Stavrinakis also stood in opposition to offshore drilling. A coastal resident himself, he understands the importance of protecting our delicate coastline that provides food, jobs, and an important tourism industry for South Carolinians and our economy. He voted to protect his home communities’ rights to decide for themselves how to handle local pollution problems and voted to keep their rights to ban plastic bags.

Stavrinakis supported renewable energy legislation that would allow for greater free market competition in the energy sector, lower consumer bills, provide jobs, and give South Carolinians more power over their own energy independence. CVSC is proud to endorse Leon Stavrinakis for House District 119. To learn more about Stavrinakis visit his website: