Conservation Voters of South Carolina is proud to endorse newcomer Con Chellis (R-Summerville) for House District 94. Chellis will bring much needed conservation leadership to the Statehouse in Columbia. He supports home rule, allowing local communities to develop local solutions to problems like plastic bag pollution. Chellis supports free market competition on the energy market, allowing South Carolina companies to compete with big utilities. That keeps electricity costs down for consumers and allows for job growth and development of new technologies in the industry. He also recognizes the importance of protecting public lands that SC residents depend on. Those places, protected by programs like the SC Conservation Bank, are an important part of our legacy, and are fundamental in maintaining the multi-billion dollar outdoor recreation industry our state thrives on. CVSC is proud to endorse Con Chellis for SC House District 94. If you would like to know more information about Chellis please visit his website: