In 2021, the General Assembly had an unprecedented amount of money to spend with a budget surplus in the billions. Initially, the House approved a pro-conservation budget with millions set aside for land conservation, PFAS remediation (toxic ‘forever chemicals’ in…

DHEC Restructuring

S.2 splits DHEC up into two separate agencies: the Department of Public and Behavioral Health and the Department of Environmental Services. The latter agency would, in large part, function as a permitting agency directly accountable to the Governor as a…

Regulatory Sunset – Beachfront Management

S.1151 would sunset any regulations promulgated by DHEC under the Beachfront Management Act before May 3, 2018, and would require an affirmative vote from the General Assembly for any regulation brought under the act after the bill goes into effect.

Permit Extensions

S.17 extends some development permits, such as erosion control plans and air quality permits, in response to the pandemic. Fortunately, time ran out on this bill and it was not passed in 2022.

Permit Extensions

H.3062 would extend nearly every permit by 5 Years due to the slowdown of the economy in 2020. The companion bill to this one, S.17 was amended to retroactively expand the permit extention timeline, but the bill ultimately timed out.

Polluter Accountability – Commerce

H.5037 directs the Department of Commerce to consider quality of life and balance the use and protection of our natural resources before they incentivize businesses and industries to relocate to our state by prohibiting the use of taxpayer money to…

The Poultry Bill

H.3929 would reduce the ability of neighbors and DHEC to address the negative impacts poultry operations may have on adjacent lands and natural resources. It was yet another attempt to reduce people’s ability to engage in the permitting process and…

Anti-Home Rule

H.3529 sought to prohibit communities from adopting local ordinances affecting disposable containers, specifically plastic bags and Styrofoam.

Dam Safety Reform

In response to the floods of 2015-2016, Speaker Lucas (R-Darlington) and Representatives Hiott (R-Pickens), V.S. Moss (R-Cherokee), Pitts (R-Laurens), West (R-Anderson), and Crosby (R-Charleston) and several House members introduced H.3218, which sought to update the dam safety law to give…