Mining near Public Lands

H.3892 seeks to prohibit DHEC from issuing any permit for the construction of a solid waste facility for mining projects that are located within two miles of a public park, preserve, or green space. Ultimately, the House Agriculture and Natural…

Conservation Enhancement Act

H.4956 re-establishes the Deed Stamp funding mechanism for the SC Conservation Bank and would generate an estimated $22 million per Year, vastly increasing the Bank’s capacity to conserve lands. Unfortunately, some questions were raised at the very end of session,…

Green Space Sales Tax

The Green Space Sales Tax bill was introduced in 2021 by Senator Tom Davis (R-Beaufort). As initially written, coastal counties could approve added funding for green space creation and improvement in their counties via ballot referendum through a 1% increase…

Conservation Enhancement Act

The conservation enhancement act (S.1039 in the Senate and H.4956 in the House) re-establishes the Deed Stamp funding mechanism for the South Carolina Conservation Bank. This critical funding would generate an estimated ~$22 million in FY 2022, vastly increasing the…

30×30 Land Protection

S.220 would establish a goal of protecting 30% of South Carolina by 2030 and create an interagency taskforce to develop policies, programs, and funding recommendations to achieve that goal.

Trails Tax Credit

H.3120 would give an income tax credit to a property owner who grants a perpetual recreational trail easement on their property. Unfortunately, session ran out before this bill could get a vote on the Senate floor.

Ban Tree Protection Ordinances

H.3989 would prohibit a political subdivision (county, school district, municipality, etc.) from restricting the removal of trees or other vegetation on private property.


H.3700 sought to allow the placement of wingwalls at the ends of existing erosion control structures, like seawalls. This bill was referred to the Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environmental Affairs Committee. The Conservation Community had no position on the bill…

Conservation Bank Re-Authorization

H. 4727 permanently reauthorizes the Conservation Bank while also maintaining its independence, preserving its competitive grants process, ensuring its ability to support cost-effective conservation easements, and implementing several structural reforms to the Board and operations to improve transparency and inter-agency…

Land Conservation (30×30)

S.1024 establishes a state goal of conserving at least 30 percent of the land within South Carolina by 2030.