Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy Programs, 2nd Reading

This bill would help commercial property owners install energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements to their buildings. Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE) lets these property owners finance the improvements through a voluntary tax assessment which allows for longer repayment.

Suicide Prevention Training, adding H.5118

This amendment would add H.5118, an omnibus energy bill that posed significant risks to customers and the environment to a bill relating to suicide prevention and traning. After the Senate refused to take up the energy bill, the House tacked…

Energy Transformation Act

This omnibus energy legislation posed a significant threat to the environment and ratepayers in the State. Most importantly, it greenlights Dominion and Santee Cooper to build a gas mega-project in Canadys, South Carolina despite unknown costs and environmental impacts. Additionally,…

Alternative Fuel Tax Credit

This bill would extend a tax credit to those who build electric vehicle charging infrastruscture accross the state. This incentive would help to build out a greater network of vehicle chargers, paving the way for the electrification of our transportation…

Energy Reform Act

This bill is currently in the Senate Judiciary committee.

Energy Risk and Reduction Act

This bill aims to promote affordable clean energy for consumers by expanding on the 2019 Energy Freedom Act.  Status: S.779 was referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Energy Efficiency Improvement Bill

This bill will aim to encourage utilities to adopt cost-effective efficiency programs while also requiring the PSC to adopt procedures requiring electrical utilities and encouraging gas utilities to plan and invest in cost-effective energy efficiency programs.

PSC and ORS Employees

Introduced by Rep. Stavrinakis, the bill would prohibit PSC (Public Service Commission) and ORS (Office of Regulatory Staff) employees from receiving anything of value from a utility. The bill also requires an additional report when a lobbyist has…

Ratepayer Protection Act (whistleblower protection)

The bill would “add definitions,” and prohibit a public utility from taking adverse employment action against an employee who reported wrongdoing by the public utility to the Office of Regulatory Staff; and provide remedies if a public utility…

Solar Panels and Electric Vehicles

Introduced by Rep. Pendarvis, this bill establishes a tax deduction for the installation of solar panels on gas stations or the canopy of a charging station for electric vehicles and abolishes the road tax for electric vehicles. Status:…