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Top 10 for 2014

We were busy protecting the South Carolina you love in 2014: Here are 10 WAYS WE CAN PROVE IT.

10) The Solar Bill passed unanimously: The future of energy is now coming to South Carolina. The Greenville News wrote recently about what this means to South Carolina.

9) Almost $10 million was allocated for the Conservation Bank: All but 4 counties can boast of Bank projects.

8) Conservation leaders and utility experts are working together: A win-win plan is possible to boost clean energy and reduce carbon pollution from power plants. You can read more about the Clean Power Plan at the Coastal Conservation League’s ThinkEnergySC website. 

7) Newly elected House members include CVSC- endorsed Republicans: Neal Collins, Gary Clary, and Greg Duckworth.

6) Voters care about conservation: Green Tie Champions Robert Brown and Walt McLeod were re-elected.

5) The House is changing: CVSC-endorsed Rep. Davey Hiott will now chair the House Agriculture Committee.

4) Conservationists are NOT “radical environmentalists”: Caring about the iconic Edisto River is doing what comes naturally.

3) Don’t Dump on South Carolina: the bill that would have led to more out-of-state trash in our backyards was stopped (for now). Check out the Don’t Dump on South Carolina coalition website for more information.

2) We launched a new online Scorecard: Voters can track more easily how their elected leaders are voting.

1) We listened to you, our supporters: Your voice matters.

It has been a great Year for conservation in 2014, and we are looking forward to an exciting 2015!


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