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They’re Coming Back!

Last week, leadership from the House and Senate notified its members that they will return to Columbia to complete the business of the state on May 12th. They will use that week to deal with the projected drop in state revenues, address COVID-19 response needs, and address the budget and remaining active legislation through a continuing resolution and sine die resolution. With changing state revenue projections, they can also decide to extend this Year’s legislative session until May 28th.

With the division surrounding the fate of Santee Cooper and with the possibility of there being legislative action on some conservation legislation, we will be tuning in online to monitor the action and stay in touch with legislators. As always, we will keep you updated. Feel free to watch online as well at www.scstatehouse.gov

Take Action 
We hope that you were able to join us last week in our webinar series as we hosted a conversation on Advocacy 101. Participants were introduced to some of the skills needed to stand up for conservation issues in our state. There was even a special appearance from Representative Mandy Powers Norrell, who spoke about the power of advocates using their voices on issues they care about.

One thing that COVID-19 has made glaringly true is that a clean and safe environment is extremely important to our public health. So, we have an opportunity for you to use your voice now.

In the midst of this public health crisis, we must prioritize clean air, land, and water for all. This means moving South Carolina to a 100% clean energy economy, starting with our state-owned utility Santee Cooper. Be an advocate, and sign the petition urging our state’s decision-makers to commit Santee Cooper to 100% clean energy by 2050 if you haven’t already.

Staying Engaged
On May 7th at 12:30 PM, the South Carolina Conservation Coalition will host its 7th webinar in the webinar series, Conversations with Conservationists. This episode will focus on how South Carolina deals with garbage from households and businesses. Register for Talking Trash: Commercial Composting and Solid Waste Policy in South Carolina here.

Also, you can tune in every week as Alan Hancock of the Coastal Conservation League, Rebecca Haynes of Conservation Voters of South Carolina, and Bill Stangler of the Congaree Riverkeeper, break down the week in conservation and politics in South Carolina on their NEW podcast. On their latest episode, you can hear them chat with Justin Stokes from Audubon South Carolina and with Representative Micah Caskey about advocacy in state government. Click here to listen and to subscribe.

Stay tuned for more legislative updates and please follow our webinar schedule and view past episodes here.

Thank you for using your voice to ensure a clean and safe South Carolina!

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