Legislative Hotlist

Santee Cooper Update

You’ve probably recognized that the fate of Santee Cooper has taken much of our lawmakers’ time. So, understandably, not much legislation moved through either chambers last week. And, with their obvious dedication to making the right decision for…

Legislative Hotlist

The Santee Cooper “Slowdown”

First and foremost, kudos to you! We are succeeding in building bipartisan momentum to ensure a safe and healthy environment for families in South Carolina. From the commitment to conserving 30% of South Carolina land by…

Legislative Hotlist

Let’s Up the Pressure for a Drilling Vote

What a week! It may have been another slow legislative week for conservation; but, it was definitely an exciting and full week for me. Last week, I had the opportunity to talk with many legislators who are obvious…

Legislative Hotlist

HOTLIST: Clean energy action & a bold conservation agenda

At CVSC, we pride ourselves on spending time with voters as well as their elected officials. I often hear complaints from voters that “our legislators don’t listen to us.” Well, guess what? After this week, I can say…

Legislative Hotlist

Hotlist: Progress on Energy & Stopping Offshore Drilling

Legislators hit the ground running the first week of session and pushed forward great conservation legislation that will protect SC from offshore drilling and will secure a clean energy future for SC. To top off the good…

Legislative Hotlist

At the Statehouse – A whole lotta nuisance goin’ on

We’re now one month into session, and legislators and lobbyists are hard at work. As you probably guessed, that’s both a good thing… And a not-so-good thing. You, however, have been excellent! We’ve asked you to sign petitions, and you have.

Press Releases

32 S.C. Lawmakers Sign Bipartisan Letter Opposing Offshore Drilling

COLUMBIA, S.C. — The Conservation Voters of South Carolina, Coastal Conservation League, Sierra Club of South Carolina, Audubon South Carolina and the South Carolina Wildlife Federation announced today that a bipartisan group of 15 Republicans and 17 Democrats…

Legislative Hotlist

2017 Legislative Wrap Up

Reauthorizing the Conservation Bank: We finally made progress this Year with both the Senate and the House holding subcommittee hearings on bills to reauthorize the Conservation Bank. The Conservation Bank was created 14 Years ago to safeguard our drinking…