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HOTLIST – Offshore Drilling, Plastic Bans, and House Furlough

We made it through crossover week at the Statehouse! Thankfully, the Energy Freedom Act made it to the floor of the Senate. We also stopped several bad bills from making crossover (the day a bill has to make it…

Legislative Hotlist

[HOTLIST] The Legislative Hustle – It’s Crossover Time

Crossover day is finally upon us this week, and you’ve heard me talk about how important that day is. Things in the Statehouse get pretty busy in the days leading up to crossover as legislators work feverishly to…

Legislative Hotlist

At the Statehouse – A whole lotta nuisance goin’ on

We’re now one month into session, and legislators and lobbyists are hard at work. As you probably guessed, that’s both a good thing… And a not-so-good thing. You, however, have been excellent! We’ve asked you to sign petitions, and you have.

Press Releases

32 S.C. Lawmakers Sign Bipartisan Letter Opposing Offshore Drilling

COLUMBIA, S.C. — The Conservation Voters of South Carolina, Coastal Conservation League, Sierra Club of South Carolina, Audubon South Carolina and the South Carolina Wildlife Federation announced today that a bipartisan group of 15 Republicans and 17 Democrats…