Election Updates

CVSC Endorses 22 Candidates for SC House and Senate

We won a lot of races during the primaries (85% to be exact), but we haven’t reached the finish line…yet. The general election is days away on Tuesday, November 6 – and there are conservation candidates up and down the ballot that…

Legislative Hotlist

State House Update: More on the automatic stay and plastic bag bans

The good news is we’re about 1/3 of the way through the legislative session! The bad news is that we still need your help fighting some bad bills. Thank you for helping us — whether you’re testifying or contacting your…

Legislative Hotlist

2014 Conservation Hotlist Wrap-Up

Thank you again for supporting our advocacy efforts this past Year. With the help of our conservation partners in the lobby, we have a lot to be proud of this Year. In the hotlist wrap-up, you'll find CVSC's summary of the 2014 legislative Year as it relates to many of our Conservation Common Agenda priorities. We were able to stop anti-environmental initiatives like the “flow control” bill and prevent further weakening of the Pollution Control Act. We passed a major piece of solar energy legislation. We were disappointed that funding for the Conservation Bank was held at the same level as last Year. We look forward to a fresh start in 2014 when we hope to improve protections for our rivers. Most importantly, we want to pause to thank you for helping us make our collective voices heard to protect the South Carolina you love.