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Symptomatic for Energy Insecurity

A few days ago, I received an email from a mother of four — including a newborn. The screenshot attached to her message was a copy of her electric bill and a note asking for help. The reality of that…

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[HOTLIST] The Legislative Hustle – It’s Crossover Time

Crossover day is finally upon us this week, and you’ve heard me talk about how important that day is. Things in the Statehouse get pretty busy in the days leading up to crossover as legislators work feverishly to…

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Energy Reform Bills Mark Major Milestone For 100 Day Campaign

Coalition Hits First Milestone of 100 Day Clean Energy Agenda Companion energy competition bills filed in House and Senate COLUMBIA, S.C. – State lawmakers announced a pair of companion bills today that will inject competition into the state’s energy…

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Coal Ash at Duke’s W.S. Lee’s Plant

Southern Environmental Law Center, Upstate Forever, and Save our Saluda requested an Ex Parte Briefing on Duke’s Coal Ash with the South Carolina Public Service Commission. Frank Holleman, Senior Attorney with the Southern Environmental Law Center, and a…

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People’s Climate March: Leaving NYC

Today was awesome. More than 300,000 people marched in the People's Climate March in New York City. I met folks from around the country who are committed to finding commonsense, pragmatic solutions to climate change, and building a movement that can create the political space for those solutions. Showing political support for acting on climate by marching is important, but it's not enough. Changing political outcomes by voting is essential.

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People’s Climate March: We’re marching

Here’s a quick shot of the march. The weather is overcast and pleasant. We started the march walking south down Central Park West. I started at 76th St, with other conservation groups. We’re passing Rockefeller Center now, and…

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People’s Climate March: Arriving in NYC

Good morning, We're just rolling into New York. It's been a long ride overnight from Charlotte. My bus--Charlotte Bus #2--is one of almost 500 buses heading to New York for today's march. The trip up was great. I learned quite a bit from my bus-mates from throughout the Carolinas. The coal ash issue for example is much more serious in North Carolina, following the Duke spill earlier this Year. I shared that South Carolina's Department of Health and Environmental Control is leading a strong stakeholder effort to address the EPA Clean Power Plan, with participation from utilities, the cooperatives, and conservation groups. We also watched's film, Disruption, that Ann Timberlake emailed about on Friday. If you have not had a chance to see it, check it out. It provides some great context for today's events.

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People’s Climate March: Leaving Charlotte

The three buses bound for the People's Climate March from Charlotte are heading out. All three are packed with folks from throughout North and South Carolina, including students from Clemson, retirees from Columbia, and activists from Greensboro. We'll stop for breakfast in New Jersey in the morning, and the buses will drop us off on the Upper West Side around 9:00 in the morning. The march will start at 11:30, and I'll be in the section of the lineup that highlights that "we have solutions" to act on climate.

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Talking about the Clean Power Plan

This evening, I will be speaking with the John Bachman Group of the Sierra Club about EPA's Clean Power Plan. If you are in Columbia, drop by. The meeting starts at 7:00, and it's at USC's Green Quad learning center. For more information on the Clean Power Plan and South Carolina, check out DHEC's Clean Power Plan webpage and Coastal Conservation League's Think Energy website.