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Statement: CVSC response to Gov. McMaster’s support of S.105

This morning Governor McMaster issued a statement expressing support for S.105, a bill which seeks to limit the automatic stay.

CVSC and the conservation community have grave concerns about this bill. Under the guise of promoting economic development, the bill limits the ability of citizens to fully participate in the public decision-making process (read more about the bill here). Our government should be making it easier for them to have their voices heard – not harder.

In short, the bill would allow construction to occur on a project BEFORE that project receives its permits. Short-circuiting the permitting process would put the air, land, and water of South Carolina at risk. Our natural resources fuel over a third of our state’s economy – they are too valuable to allow their destruction in this way.

CVSC is extremely disappointed to hear of the Governor’s position on this bill, especially given his conservation record while Attorney General. We hope he will reconsider his stance and work with the conservation community to ensure that South Carolina continues to receive the protections that these valuable resources deserve.

Governor McMaster’s statement is below:

COLUMBIA, S.C. – Governor Henry McMaster today announced his support for a bill that would limit the time frame in which both public and private projects could be delayed by individuals or groups without first properly demonstrating legal grounds or standing. The Senate has approved the bill, S. 105 sponsored by Senate Judiciary Chairman Luke Rankin, and it awaits action in the House Judiciary Committee.

“Currently, court challenges can automatically stop work in important construction projects for unnecessarily long periods of time,” said Gov. McMaster. “Under this bill, the time period for which a court may issue an ‘automatic stay’ is limited to a reasonable and practical 90 days. Lengthy delays and uncertainty inhibit economic growth. Sound business decisions and strong environmental policies will allow our State to prosper.”

“I applaud the work of the Horry and Georgetown legislators and the other leaders for their diligent work on this bill and look forward to signing it into law soon,” said McMaster.

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