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Speak Up for Solar and Energy Efficiency at the PSC

We need your help to promote a clean and efficient grid in Duke territory! A new ruling by the South Carolina Public Service Commission (PSC) threatens rooftop solar and energy efficiency in Duke territory.

Sign now to urge the Commission to reverse this decision!

While we’re used to the utilities fighting clean energy, the latest threat comes from a ruling by the PSC. In a surprise ruling and split vote, the Commission rejected a program called Smart Saver Solar as Energy Efficiency. The Smart Saver program was formed as a collaboration between Duke Energy, solar companies, and environmental organizations. This program would have offered incentive payments to Duke customers who installed rooftop solar and enrolled in a smart thermostat program.

This program is needed to support a strong and resilient rooftop solar industry in South Carolina and ensure customers can access solar to lower their energy billsSmart Saver was a forward-thinking energy efficiency program: increasing rooftop solar reduces demand for utility-generated power, resulting in a cleaner and more efficient grid.

Sign our ratepayer letter, and tell the PSC that Duke customers deserve a clean, efficient grid!

This letter asks the PSC to reconsider its decision, instead showing ratepayer support for the program. It tells the PSC that Duke customers want an electric grid based on clean energy and creative efficiency solutions. In short, it argues for innovative and effective energy policy in South Carolina.

Thank you for your continued advocacy on behalf of our energy future. Let’s tell the PSC that South Carolina supports clean energy!

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