In 2021, the General Assembly had an unprecedented amount of money to spend with a budget surplus in the billions. Initially, the House approved a pro-conservation budget with millions set aside for land conservation, PFAS remediation (toxic ‘forever chemicals’ in…


S.596 would give DHEC regulatory authority over pre-production plastics (nurdles). The bill passed the Senate, but got held up in the House.

EV Charging Stations

S.304 allows third-party entities to establish charging stations and charge users for the energy they put into their EVs, helping to expand the EV infrastructure throughout the state; also included was a provision to establish a study committee to look…

Ratepayer Protection Act

S.344 gives the Public Service Commission the opportunity to temporarily suspend the process by which a public utility seeks to change or increase its rates during a declared State of Emergency…

Permit Extensions

S.17 extends some development permits, such as erosion control plans and air quality permits, in response to the pandemic. Fortunately, time ran out on this bill and it was not passed in 2022.


S.162 defines pyrolysis materials as “recovered materials” rather than “solid waste” for DHEC regulatory purposes.

30×30 Land Protection

S.220 would establish a goal of protecting 30% of South Carolina by 2030 and create an interagency taskforce to develop policies, programs, and funding recommendations to achieve that goal.

Pyrolysis / Advanced Recycling

This bill was introduced in 2021 by Senator Gambrell (R-Anderson) in order to attract the Pyrolysis, or advanced recycling, industry into the state. The industry claims to convert plastic waste into fuel and other usable substances without harming the environment.

Conservation Enhancement Act

The conservation enhancement act (S.1039 in the Senate and H.4956 in the House) re-establishes the Deed Stamp funding mechanism for the South Carolina Conservation Bank. This critical funding would generate an estimated ~$22 million in FY 2022, vastly increasing the…

PFAS Contamination

S.219 is a joint resolution that initially required DHEC to establish drinking water standards for a family of toxic ‘forever’ chemicals called Perfluroalkly Substances (PFAS). These compounds have been used for decades in hundreds of waterproof, stain-resistant, and non-stick products,…