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We advocate for SC’s resources.

As a leader in environmental policy and advocacy, Conservation Voters of South Carolina is in a unique position to advance change and build consensus. Through our policy expertise, work with partners and coalitions, and legislative relationships — we get things done. Learn more about Our Work below, but also check out our work at the General Assembly on legislation and lawmaker accountability.

CVSC approaches the selection of our legislative priorities and projects through three filters:

  • Can we create a bipartisan coalition of allies to reach consensus and success at the State House, continuing to create a conservation majority on both sides of the aisle? 
  • Are our policy solutions addressing the erosion of people’s rights to a clean environment and advancing environmental justice? 
  • CVSC views the climate crisis as the single greatest issue threatening South Carolina. To that end, do our policy solutions outline clear and decisive steps to take responsibility for our emissions and adapt to a changing world? Whether we’re advocating for water, land, or energy legislation; it should relate back to climate change solutions.

A Clean and Just Energy System

Pursuing a just energy future, powered by renewables.

Land Protection

Balancing growth and development in South Carolina with the protection of conservation and working lands.

Clean and Plentiful Water

Ensuring safe, clean, and accessible water for South Carolinians.

Strategic Partnerships

Building a stronger conservation movement through transformative partnerships.

Our Impact

CVSC 2020-2024 strategic plan prioritizes passage of clean energy, land protection, and water quality policies, conservation; building a conservation majority in the General Assembly; strengthening the conservation movement in South Carolina; and ensuring all of our efforts are rooted in racial justice and equity.