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Warning – our drinking water is at risk (but you can do something about it)

The federal government is thinking about repealing the 2015 Clean Water Rule.

If that sounds bad, it’s because it is.

The Clean Water Rule protects critical waterways in South Carolina and throughout the country. It ensures that fragile Carolina Bays and headwater streams receive the full benefit of environmental protections.

Tell the EPA you oppose the repeal of the Clean Water Rule: http://p2a.co/zPDLmei

With so many recent headlines reminding us of the disastrous effects of polluted waterways, it’s shocking that anyone would want to risk the safety of the water we use every day.

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It’s not clear why the government wants to do this, but it is clear what would happen if they do: 


More than 800,000 Americans, including doctors and nurses, mayors, and businesses, urged the EPA to adopt the Clean Water Rule in 2015.

Besides protecting our drinking water, the rule also protects wetlands — which help filter out pollutants and provide wildlife habitat, as well as serve as buffers against hurricanes and other large storms that threaten South Carolina.

Yet the federal government is proposing to dismantle it to make way for polluters.

We can’t afford to sit on the sidelines and let this take place.

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Will you add your voice to the thousands of South Carolinians calling on the EPA to do the right thing and protect our precious drinking water?

Submit your comment today and tell the EPA that you want to maintain the 2015 Clean Water Rule because of the benefits that it provides for clean water in South Carolina.

But please hurry! The deadline to submit your comment is September 27.

After you submit a comment, will you share this with AT LEAST 5 FRIENDS and urge them to join you in standing up for clean drinking water for South Carolina?

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