CVSC is proud to endorse newcomer Randy Ligon (R-Chester) for District 43. Ligon will be a staunch supporter of renewable energy and land protection policies that balance protecting quality of life and economic growth in his rural district. Additionally, he supports solar growth in South Carolina in efforts to make us a cleaner state, and an industry leader for the nation. Ligon plans to accomplish that through greater energy diversity and more renewable energy production […]

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CVSC is proud to endorse past Green Tie Honoree Rep. Laurie Funderburk (D-Camden) in District 52. Funderburk has a 93% lifetime score and a 109% score for 2017-2018, highlighting her willingness to fight for conservation issues. She bested the 100% mark by cosponsoring a number of conservation bills, including solar energy legislation. Funderburk cosponsored the bill that would have given consumers access to better competition and energy independence. She stood with the people and voted […]

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CVSC is proud to endorse Rep. William Cogswell (R-Charleston), a strong supporter of citizens’ rights to a clean and healthy environment. Cogswell earned an excellent 98% score on his 2017-2018 legislative scorecard. He fought rollbacks to environmental protections. He stood against offshore drilling that could threaten South Carolina’s booming tourism industry. He supported proactive policies that move our state forward – including the SC Conservation Bank, energy reform, and clean energy options. Cogswell sponsored legislation […]

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Conservation Voters of South Carolina is proud to endorse newcomer Con Chellis (R-Summerville) for House District 94. Chellis will bring much needed conservation leadership to the Statehouse in Columbia. He supports home rule, allowing local communities to develop local solutions to problems like plastic bag pollution. Chellis supports free market competition on the energy market, allowing South Carolina companies to compete with big utilities. That keeps electricity costs down for consumers and allows for job […]

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CVSC is proud to endorse Rep. Robert Brown (D-Hollywood) for District 116. Brown maintains a lifetime score of 90% with CVSC, and 103% for the past legislative session. Brown sponsored several conservation bills over the past year, including energy reform and renewable energy initiatives. He stood behind a bill to increase jobs in an blooming solar industry that was also designed to provide lower power bills, more competition on the energy market, better energy independence. […]

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Bobby Cox (R-Greenville) has served our country through four combat tours in Iraq as an Army Ranger, has robust national and international business experience, and has a strong commitment to ethics reform. He values “common-sense” solutions to protect the natural resources of our state and recognizes that our air, land, and water are critical to our state’s economy. A supporter of clean energy job growth, Cox supports efforts to give citizens greater access to solar and […]

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John Tynan

On Wednesday, we celebrated the biggest Green Tie Award Luncheon in CVSC history. More than 500 people showed up for our 9th annual luncheon to support our fight to protect the South Carolina we love. My reaction? I’m incredibly proud. And exhilarated. I watched as Wilma Neal Garren accepted the House Conservation Leadership Award on behalf of her late brother, Representative Joe Neal — a constant voice for clean water and environmental justice who fought […]

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No one should have to breathe dirty air. No one. Unfortunately, last month the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill that would delay a new ozone air quality standard from coming into effect for eight years, from 2017 to 2025. Mark Sanford and James Clyburn were the only two members of our state’s delegation to take a stand against this reckless piece of legislation. Sanford and Clyburn didn’t just do the reasonable thing — […]

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Over the weekend, our Executive Director John Tynan shared some personal stories in the Post & Courier about what our sacred public lands mean to him and his family: Among other things, he wrote about falling in love in St. John’s, proposing on the rim of the Grand Canyon, and sharing with his children the significance of the Statue of Liberty — all treasured sites protected under the Antiquities Act. Why? Because, as you may know, these protected […]

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Few things are more exciting than seeing the hard work of the conservation community come to life. So, here’s a heads up about a chance to do just that: The grand opening of the Blackwater Recreation Area of the Waccamaw National Wildlife Refuge is next Saturday, September 9, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. The grand opening event is hosted by the S.C. Wildlife Federation and American Rivers, and it promises to be a good time. […]

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