The federal government is thinking about repealing the 2015 Clean Water Rule. If that sounds bad, it’s because it is. The Clean Water Rule protects critical waterways in South Carolina and throughout the country. It ensures that fragile Carolina Bays and headwater streams receive the full benefit of environmental protections. Tell the EPA you oppose the repeal of the Clean Water Rule: With so many recent headlines reminding us of the disastrous effects of […]

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Have you heard the BIG news? We have an AMAZING group of honorees at this year’s ninth annual Green Tie Awards Luncheon! And I wanted to personally invite you to be there when they receive their awards on September 20. Sure, I know you usually come to Green Tie for the incredible lunch menu showcasing our southern culinary tradition. Or the wide array of SC-grown products. Or the unique opportunity to see old friends and […]

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Adam F. Naughton

In my decade of professional experience, I’ve learned there is only one surefire recipe for success. It goes like this: Try. Implement. Analyze. Learn. Try again. Improve. Grow. My passion lies in taking that perspective and using it to effectively communicate with voters about the importance of fighting for clean air, land, water and energy. My environmental clarion call was during the 2008 elections when climate change truly emerged at the forefront of the debate, […]

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My name is Carolee Williams and I started as the CVSC Lowcountry Field Director in 2017. My passion is working to make meaningful connections throughout the Lowcountry on all things related to clean air, water and energy, plus land conservation. I’ve spent much of my career managing long-range planning and sustainability initiatives for the City of Charleston. I’m particularly proud of our work creating and shepherding Charleston’s Green Business Challenge, which supports workplaces as they […]

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John Tynan

Summertime is in full-swing. The legislature is out. Tourists are here. Vacations begin. It is the time when South Carolina’s rivers, lakes, mountains, and beaches work overtime. For CVSC staff, this is when we get to spend our weekends and vacations outside and remember why we work so hard to protect the SC we all love. But our work doesn’t stop at CVSC. As you navigate the hustle and bustle of vacation and summer adventures, we […]

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Offshore drilling will torpedo SC tourism. No one knows better about the importance of tourism to South Carolina than Beaufort County. The Beaufort City Council was the first local government in the state to publicly oppose the Obama Administration’s plans to drill off of our coast. Every coastal town and city in the state—everyone—followed suit.  Then-Governor Nikki Haley backed away from her initial support and, a year ago, the Obama administration excluded South Carolina, North […]

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My Conservation Story While attending the University of South Carolina, I had the chance to explore this incredible state and see all that we had to protect. I was filled with awe at the many stunning sites of undisturbed nature across the state. I travelled abroad and wasn’t surprised to see that the values we hold here at home were mirrored there – maintaining our natural world and protecting the resources that sustain us. Upon returning to […]

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I grew up outside of Cincinnati, Ohio in a home surrounded by seemingly endless woods that I spent my days exploring. Each summer, I went to nature preserves and Boy Scout camps and learned firsthand how exciting and valuable our backyards can be. To me, everything was right in the world. As a teenager, I travelled to National Parks with my family and became an avid hiker and camper. I came to enjoy all types of outdoor sports […]

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Over the last few weeks, we’ve been overwhelmed with your response to our calls to action for protecting the air, land, and water you love. But between the emails and phone calls that our conservation voters are making to their elected leaders, we keep getting asked “what else can I do?” That’s why we’re excited to announce CVSC’s 2017 Take Action Tour. Over the next 3 months, we are hosting events throughout the state to […]

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John Tynan

We’ve been talking a lot about the automatic stay at the State House and in Rebecca’s weekly hotlist (see the latest here). Two bills being considered this week, S.105 and H.3565, seek to limit the use of the automatic stay. The automatic stay is an important part of the checks and balances in the permitting process. Because these bills seek to undermine these checks and balances, CVSC is opposed to S.105 and H.3565. Please join us in opposition […]

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