We need your help to promote a clean and efficient grid in Duke territory! A new ruling by the South Carolina Public Service Commission (PSC) threatens rooftop solar and energy efficiency in Duke territory. Sign now to urge the Commission to reverse this decision! While we’re used to the utilities fighting clean energy, the latest threat comes from a ruling by the PSC. In a surprise ruling and split vote, the Commission rejected a program […]

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PFAS are a group of highly toxic, man-made chemicals that have been manufactured and used for decades in waterproof, stain-resistant, and non-stick products, as well as firefighting foam. These toxic ‘forever chemicals’ build up in our bodies over time and never break down in the environment. Even the smallest doses of PFAS can be harmful to human health and are linked to cancer, developmental impacts in children, reproductive and immune system harm, and other diseases. […]

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We need your help to support the growth of large-scale solar in South Carolina! We are approaching another round of ‘avoided cost’ cases for Duke and Dominion at the SC Public Service Commission. These are the cases that occur every two years that determine the rate that the utility monopolies pay for solar energy generated by solar developers. Given that they affect the price of large-scale solar, these decisions will have a major impact on […]

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COLUMBIA, SC — CVSC announced today that it has endorsed Deitra Stover Matthews in the Columbia City Council At-Large race. The election will be held on November 2, 2021, in the City of Columbia. “My background as an educator informed and motivated a great deal of my work in the space of conservation when I saw firsthand how environmental issues showed up in the classroom,” said Deitra Stover Matthews. “As a member of City Council, […]

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We’ve been waiting a long time to say this… yesterday the General Assembly unanimously passed Santee Cooper reform legislation and today it is on its way to the Governor for his signature!! This reform package has the potential to make our state-owned utility a leader in the transition to clean energy that South Carolina deserves – this is a win for customers, the state, and the environment. Huge thanks go out to legislators for working […]

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We have a packed week ahead of us. From continued, intense deliberations that address the issue of Santee Cooper to efforts that unveil the legislative priorities and goals of the South Carolina Conservation Coalition, our plate is full. Tomorrow, January 27th at 10 am, join us for our annual SC Conservation Coalition’s legislative preview – Conversations with Conservationists: A Senate Briefing. You will be able to hear more about our legislative priorities from members of the coalition and […]

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A few days ago, I received an email from a mother of four — including a newborn. The screenshot attached to her message was a copy of her electric bill and a note asking for help. The reality of that mother is not only common in Fairfield County but is more like the status quo for the quality of life here. One might be surprised by the distinct parallels between parts of rural America like […]

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In the Pinehurst neighborhood, located in sunny Columbia, South Carolina, I founded the Pinehurst Farmers Market almost two years ago because I saw that the two grocery stores within walking distance closed suddenly, at the same time.  It was then that I realized that a food apartheid area had been created in my neighborhood. I was inspired by legendary farmer Leah Penniman of Soul Fire Farm, located in Upstate New York, at a Black Urban […]

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Historically, when we use the term environmental issue in South Carolina, we usually think about endangered species, offshore drilling, or land conservation. But, that’s not the only environment most of us actually live in. What about the environment most underserved, under-resourced communities are forced to live in? The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed hidden environmental challenges and injustices that force us to answer this question. Even more, what this pandemic has largely uncovered are the parallels […]

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The Great American Outdoors Act is signed into law, creating a lifeline for South Carolina’s outdoor recreation economy and providing access to parks and open spaces. This historic legislation will fully and permanently fund the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF). On August 4, 2020 the Great American Outdoors Act was signed into law to fully and permanently fund our nation’s most successful conservation program, the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF), and invest in infrastructure for […]

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