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Our ear is to the ground

We’ll keep you up to date on conversation legislation, our efforts, and the decisions being made at the South Carolina State House.

Legislative Hotlist

Hotlist: April 9

Hey friends! Happy Tuesday! In last week’s Hotlist, I noted that I expected a slow week at the Statehouse because the House was on furlough, but the Senate ate its Wheaties and worked long hours on a number of big…

Legislative Hotlist

Hotlist: April 2

Happy Tuesday! We have a slow week ahead as the House is on furlough and the Senate Finance Committee focuses on wrapping up its work on the appropriations bill. After last week, a slower pace is welcome. Let’s dive in:…

Legislative Hotlist

Hotlist: March 25

Greetings! When the session started, I predicted it would be chaotic. With more than half of the session under our belt, I think I’ve been right. As we enter this race’s final leg, the General Assembly is putting its…

Project News & Updates

Power Company Rate Hikes: Show Up and Use Your Voice!

Duke Energy Carolinas and Dominion Energy are trying to raise customer bills again. This spring and summer, you have the opportunity to show up and speak against the rate hikes. Note: You must register in advance for these hearings. Register by…

Legislative Hotlist

Hotlist: March 18

Hey there! Last week, legislators began meeting on Monday and it threw my clock way off kilter. Why Monday? It was House Budget Week! A long week means a lot happened, let’s dive in: The Budget: Generally, we expect late…

Legislative Hotlist

Hotlist: March 11

Hey there! Last week at the Statehouse was slightly calmer after weeks of frantic work. The House spent its time getting ready for budget week, and the Senate spent the week debating judicial reform. Let’s dive in: The Saga…

Legislative Hotlist

Hotlist: March 4

Hey friend! We hope you’re still feeling the momentum of your remarkable display of advocacy at the Statehouse last week. Your dedication to opposing H.5118 sent an unequivocally strong message to both legislators and the utilities, and we are…

Legislative Hotlist

Hotlist: February 20

Hey friends, Last week at the Statehouse, legislative activity for conservation purposes was slow. But, one really big, important thing happened: the Speaker dropped his omnibus energy legislation with a host of cosponsors, and… it’s bad. Really bad. Let’s…

Legislative Hotlist

Hotlist: February 12

Hey there! First, I’m blown away by last week’s amazing turnout for our Conservation Coalition Lobby Day. It’s your help and support that really helps legislators keep conservation top-of-mind, and I can’t thank all of you enough for showing…