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News Release: CVSC Challenges Lee Bright to Set the Record Straight


Conservation Voters Challenges Lee Bright to Set the Record Straight


Conservation Voters of South Carolina (CVSC) challenges Lee Bright to set the record straight and stop misleading voters.

CVSC is a state-wide, non-profit organization, separate from the national League of Conservation Voters. CVSC has a local board of South Carolinians who approve endorsements in state and local elections for candidates committed to protecting our communities, rivers, farms and forests.

“We respectfully ask Senator Bright to stop lying and defacing our official communications and to admit that Conservation Voters has not endorsed ANY Presidential candidate.” stated Ann Timberlake, CVSC Executive Director.

Rather than admit that he has the worst record in the Senate, Lee Bright attacks CVSC and others because of their endorsements of Scott Talley as a responsible leader.

Rather than explain why he voted against millions of dollars in new solar investments for South Carolina, Lee Bright deliberately deceives voters by doctoring CVSC’s official “green seal” to include a photograph of Hillary Clinton.

Rather than respect the effectiveness of CVSC’s campaign to educate voters, Lee Bright seeks to frighten his constituents by attacking our field workers as “left wing foot soldiers.”

“Conservation Voters does not endorse in presidential elections. We are working to elect Scott Talley because, like us, he cares about our state. Our organizers include young people who previously worked on a variety of campaigns, including Marco Rubio, John Kasich and Ted Cruz,” added John Tynan, CVSC Political Director.

In the June primary, CVSC endorsed 25 Republican candidates and 12 Democrats. For the first time, CVSC is conducting a major field campaign, knocking on thousands of doors and talking with thousands of voters about why it’s important to elect Scott Talley as a new leader for Spartanburg and Greenville Counties.

CVSC urges voters in District 12 to dismiss the dishonest tactics of a desperate incumbent who resorts to lies in an attempt to mislead voters.


Conservation Voters of South Carolina is a bi-partisan, statewide, nonprofit organization that fights for clean air, water, and land in South Carolina by holding elected leaders directly accountable for a safe and healthy South Carolina.

Learn more at cvsc.org or follow CVSC on  Facebook and Twitter.

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