My name is Rebecca Haynes and I started as the Director of Government Relations at Conservation Voters in May of 2013. I’m your voice at the State House. I lobby and advocate for our conservation priorities through the Common Agenda to give us one voice.

I started to tell you that I’m a Georgia Peach — born and bred in Atlanta — but I’m really best described as a Georgia Bulldog. Athens and Atlanta will always bring back wonderful memories, but I’ve enjoyed calling Columbia my home for the past eight years. South Carolina is special and it welcomed me with open arms. I dove right into my community. I figure if you want something changed, you have to be a part of the solution. I founded a non-profit dog park and served as President of my downtown neighborhood.

I’ve been a tree-hugger since the beginning, and I’m not afraid to claim it. Growing up with a zookeeper mom, I received a national environmental award from Firestone Tires when I was eight. I was the first child to receive the TBS Supercitizen of the Week at age nine. My favorite moment though was when Captain Planet came to my school for lunch and gave me a “water ring.” Those early experiences taught me how to advocate (and win) with a pragmatic, reasonable, and passionate approach.

I am a Conservation Voter. I’m at home around a campfire, but I’m a city girl. I love to paddle, but I hate to swim. I will always fight to protect our environment. That’s the kind of Conservation Voter I am, what kind are you?