max c

My name is Max Ciarlone and I am an intern for the Conservation Voters. I have lived in Columbia most of my life and just finished my first year at USC. I’ve never worked in politics before and never thought I’d work with a political organization. However, I am grateful for what this opportunity has taught me about being a conservation voter.

I’m majoring in Environmental Science. My goal is to help build a better infrastructure for alternative energy. However, this has not been my lifetime dream; I started out at USC majoring in international relations and forensic science. That being said though, environmentalism has been one of the few constants in my young but changing life.

My concern for the environment began in 4th grade when my teacher showed us the “Inconvenient Truth” video and explained how Atlanta was going to run out of water soon unless everyone conserved water. The Atlanta story scared me because my cousin and his family live in Augusta and, to the 10 year old me, Augusta and Atlanta were synonymous. So naturally, not only was I concerned with the polar bears habitats courtesy of Al Gore, I was also scared for my relatives. Ever since, I have dedicated my actions to help protect the environment in any way I can.

I am a developing conservation voter. Understanding the importance of politics in conservation through this internship and my college experiences has really opened my eyes to the way the world works. And I’m ready to learn more. This is the kind of conservation voter I am, what kind are you?