I am Jennie Peze and I am Conservation Voter. I grew up on my family’s farm in Darlington County. My earliest memories include walking in the woods with my dad identifying plants. My path has led me to Montana, D.C., Boston and back to South Carolina but my path has always remained focused on the outdoors.

I have found a way to work and play outside, whether it was working in the tobacco and soybean fields or labeling plants at Riverbanks Botanical Garden. My favorite place to be is on Black Creek. As far as I am concerned, it’s South Carolina’s prettiest stream, with swift moving, black water and high banks covered in mountain laurel and sparkleberry, right here in Darlington.

I’m scared of snakes and other biting things under the water, but I just figure it’s worth the risk to get to enjoy life outdoors. I care about having elected officials who will protect the South Carolina I love. I am a Conservation Voter and believe CVSC has the nerve and the power to elevate the dialogue about conservation. I believe we can’t get the job done without organizations like CVSC. That’s the kind of Conservation Voter I am. What kind are you?