My Conservation Story

While attending the University of South Carolina, I had the chance to explore this incredible state and see all that we had to protect. I was filled with awe at the many stunning sites of undisturbed nature across the state. I travelled abroad and wasn’t surprised to see that the values we hold here at home were mirrored there – maintaining our natural world and protecting the resources that sustain us.

Upon returning to South Carolina, I was filled with an urge to act, to get involved with the movement to defend what I had developed such an appreciation for. I sought out opportunities for action and soon found Conservation Voters of South Carolina. Working closely with them, I was given the tools to fight for the natural world: knowledge of the issues, the resources to reach people and spread our message, and the tremendous support of the thousands of South Carolinians that look to CVSCEF to lead this fight.

I am a Conservation Voter

Annie Cheevers

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