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Major solar decision at the PSC – How to help

We need your help to support the growth of large-scale solar in South Carolina!

We are approaching another round of ‘avoided cost’ cases for Duke and Dominion at the SC Public Service Commission. These are the cases that occur every two Years that determine the rate that the utility monopolies pay for solar energy generated by solar developers.

Given that they affect the price of large-scale solar, these decisions will have a major impact on the amount of solar added to the grid.

Please, sign on to our ratepayer letter to ask the Public Service Commission to support fair rates for solar!

Here’s how this works – these solar rate or ‘avoided cost’ proceedings determine both the rates paid to solar developers for the power they produce and the length of the contracts that utility monopolies have with solar generators.

The sign-on asks the Public Service Commission to ensure these rates and contract lengths are reasonable and accurate and provide a fair shot for solar developers in South Carolina. We’ve seen time and time again that allowing solar facilities to fairly compete with utility monopolies will drive down costs for customers in addition to all the other environmental and economic benefits provided by solar energy like:

  • Reduced pollution and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Economic development and job creation
  • Tax benefits for rural municipalities where solar is sited
  • Diversification South Carolina’s energy mix

Please take a moment to sign on to the letter to show support for fair treatment for clean energy growth in SC. The growth of clean energy in South Carolina depends on it.

Thank you for remaining engaged and vigilant on these important energy issues and, as always, feel free to reach out with any questions.

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