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Protecting the South Carolina we love — ACT NOW

Wow. With your help, South Carolina’s premier tool for protecting public and private lands, the Conservation Bank, was permanently reauthorized at the State House this Year. We showed our state legislators how much we care about land protection, and they agreed with us.
That’s why I’m asking for your help again. While our state legislators are on break, we need your help encouraging our federal lawmakers to reauthorize a federal program that complements our work with the Conservation Bank.

The Federal Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) provides funding to community, county and state governments to fund important recreation and land management projects – at no cost to taxpayers. The funds are generated by fees from the potential destruction and pollution of federal public resources. The LWCF, in turn, helps us protect other lands important to our culture, history and economy.

The last time you watched your grandchildren play baseball or softball games or the time you spent with your cousins at a State Park, the Land Water Conservation fund likely helped you create those memories. Unfortunately, the LWCF is set to expire on September 30.

Will you help us save the LWCF?

LWCF has invested $294 million across South Carolina since its inception. From North Augusta to Rock Hill, and from Oconee to Charleston; LWCF is protecting lands that contribute to our booming tourism industry.

Whether providing access to fishing and hunting or helping build athletic facilities for kids in small towns like Edgefield, this vital program has given much to the Palmetto State.

But if we don’t act now, the fund could disappear. Congress has until September 30 to reauthorize LWCF. We need your help to defend our culture, our history, our economy, and our communities. If we lose this crucial program, we may not ever get it back.

Add your voice today to save the LWCF.

Thank you for all you do to make land protection a part of what makes South Carolina a special place to call home.

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