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SC Waterways Protection Act

Bill #: S.484

Session: 2023-2024


Water Water


CVSC is monitoring this bill.

This bill will establish a South Carolina Waterways Protection Fund and will require three dollars from each fee/renewal of a certificate of number to be deposited into the Fund. The bill will increase the above fee from ten dollars to thirteen dollars and will require that a tax notice for a U.S. Coast Guard documented watercraft must include a waterways protection fee of three dollars.

Status: S. 484 was amended on Feb 22 and currently resides in the Senate. New committee amendments to the bill state that the Fund is created to receive the $3 waterways protection fee that is attached to each tax notice for watercraft and deleted language regarding US Coast Guard documented watercraft. Additionally, the new amendments would penalize the owner of an abandoned boat and fine them $500 minimum and up to the value of the cost of performing the removal of the abandoned boat.