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PFAS Contamination

Bill #: S.219

Session: 2021-2022


Water Water


CVSC supported this bill and it did not pass.

S.219 is a joint resolution that initially required DHEC to establish drinking water standards for a family of toxic ‘forever’ chemicals called Perfluroalkly Substances (PFAS). These compounds have been used for decades in hundreds of waterproof, stain-resistant, and non-stick products, as well as firefighting foam. Because of the danger these chemicals pose, the EPA is working towards setting a standard for PFAS contamination in drinking water. This complicates state efforts as the EPA’s regulatory process can take Years. After hearing compelling and emotional testimony from affected community members, S.219 was amended to direct DHEC and other state agencies to issue grants to water utilities and private well owners who have seen concentrations of PFAS chemicals approaching the EPA’s health advisory limits. While this bill did not pass, the Medical Affairs subcommittee and robust community engagement helped inspire the creation of the PFOS, PFOA, and Emerging Contaminants Remediation Fund in the Appropriations bill (H.5150).