The SC Conservation Coalition creates a Common Agenda of legislative priorities to guide actions on South Carolina’s most pressing conservation issues. As a member of the Coalition, Conservation Voters of SC is proud to take an active role in advocating for the Coalition’s vision.

Our vision for South Carolina’s prosperous future is one where natural resources are recognized as an irreplaceable part of our economy, history and culture — and where economic development and conservation goals align.

The SC Conservation Coalition shares the belief that South Carolina should be a place where water resources are used efficiently; where sporting traditions and wildlife abound; where land conservation is honored; where energy needs are met affordably, reliably and cleanly; and where local food is accessible and transportation dollars are invested wisely. Keep up with current legislative issues here.

South Carolina’s water resources must be protected from overuse and poor practices. We support the adoption and implementation of a State Water Plan, which should include thoughtful reform of water withdrawal and use policies.

Land Protection 

The Conservation Bank was created to safeguard our drinking water, preserve our history and culture, and protect our precious natural resources. It’s the only statewide source of public funding available for willing landowners and their land trust partners to voluntarily conserve important SC lands, and it will shut down if not reauthorized.


Landmark clean energy legislation passed in 2014 (Act 236) and has made South Carolina one of the fastest growing solar markets in the nation. Utilities now have additional flexibility to add renewable resources to their generation mixes, and citizens and businesses have enhanced access to rooftop solar technologies that can drastically reduce monthly energy bills while helping to protect the natural resources of South Carolina. We support additional policies to grow our renewable energy markets and give residents energy freedom.

South Carolina should not be the nation’s dumping ground, whether for solid or nuclear waste. We say “no” to out of state waste and support sustainable waste management in South Carolina.

Citizens’ Rights to Clean Air and Water

Citizens’ rights form the core of the Coalition’s Vision of clean and abundant water and air and healthy communities. Yet, all too often citizens have watched as our beaches, rivers, wetlands and wildlife habitat have been degraded and have been prevented from protecting themselves and their families from hazards like the Pinewood toxic dump on Lake Marion.

We support legislation that recognizes and guarantees that citizens have meaningful rights to a clean and healthy environment and that the State protects these rights by working to protect human health and the environment.


The Conservation Voters of SC Education Fund staff coordinate the SC Conservation Coalition.