Myrtle Beach
By Sens. Luke Rankin, Kent M. Williams and Greg Hembree

It is time South Carolinians revisit why “home rule” makes sense: people tend to know what’s best for themselves and their communities. When it comes to determining what to do with our trash, most people expect local government to pick it up at the curb and carry it away. What to do with all that trash once it’s in the truck is now a battleground at the Statehouse.

The rhetoric has been intense since bills were introduced in the House and Senate to strip the authority of local governments to designate where the garbage generated in your backyard is dumped.

Rankin is a Republican senator representing Horry County.
Williams is a Democratic senator representing Dillon, Florence, Marion, Horry and Marlboro counties.
Hembree is a Republican senator representing Horry and Dillon counties.

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