Statement: CVSC Opposes President Trump’s Efforts to Rollback Off-Shore Drilling Protections

Over the last two years, CVSC and it’s partners have engaged over 5,000 South Carolinians and several local municipalities to fight off-shore drilling in the Atlantic. That work was rewarded when President Obama removed the Atlantic from the federal five year drilling plan and thus protected our waters until 2022. Today we received word that President Trump is working on an Executive Order that would rollback the protections against off-shore drilling that South Carolinians have fought tirelessly for. Protecting our beaches from off-shore drilling means protecting our way of life in South Carolina. Tourism in South Carolina is a $19.1 billion industry and employs several thousand South Carolinians. Off shore drilling would have a chilling effect on tourism dollars and would not produce a significant amount of energy.  Most estimates say that South Carolina has enough oil and gas to meet U.S. demands for energy for only 6 days. Protecting our coast and way of life is the top priority of CVSC and, as such, we strongly opposes any action that could result in off-shore drilling in South Carolina. Please contact your federal officials today and let them know that we will not stand for off-shore drilling in South Carolina.   Sarah Cohen Engagement Coordinator