And the certification request is denied! South Carolina DHEC just announced that they denied the certification request for a Texas-based company to conduct seismic testing in our waters!

We asked you to submit comments asking DHEC to make this decision. Hundreds of you did just that, and now we get to take a victory lap. While this is only one battle in the larger fight against offshore drilling and seismic testing, it’s an important and decisive victory.

Read the decision from DHEC here.

It’s a victory we would not be able to share without the 1,700+ South Carolinians who submitted comments or the 27 bipartisan Senators, led by Senator Chip Campsen, who all signed a letter in opposition.

Read the Senators’ letter and see who signed on here.

Thanks to U.S. Congressman Joe Cunningham, S.C. Senator Chip Campsen, S.C. Representatives Peter McCoy and Lee Hewitt, and the 16 municipalities who wrote DHEC in opposition. This is a victory for all South Carolinians.

We understand that this isn’t the end, and we don’t want to spoil the moment with a cloudy horizon. But we will need to step up again when the storms come rumbling back. If you haven’t already, Take the Pledge to stand against offshore drilling and seismic testing.

Taking the Pledge will loop you into updates and a series of the most important actions you can take to block offshore drilling and seismic testing from South Carolina’s waters.