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[HOTLIST]- Energy and Offshore Drilling Still Key Issues in Week 8

Welcome to March! The legislative session is in full swing and we’ve got just 6 weeks until “crossover.” For a bill to have any chance to pass, it has to “crossover” from one chamber to the other by April 10, 2019. Thankfully, the Clean Energy Freedom Act made it from the House to the Senate, and cleared this major hurdle.

Unfortunately, that means it could fall down the priority list as they look at Senate bills that need to crossover. But we are already staring down the barrel at some other serious deadlines. So, it’s up to us to remind them just how urgently we need this legislation.

We have to remind them that South Carolina jobs could be lost if they don’t act now. We have to remind them about the large scale solar projects that could be bringing counties revenues and jobs – but are in limbo while they wait on the utilities to act.

We can fix these problems with the passage of H.3659. We just need the Senators to act, but that means we all need to take action to keep things movingHave you taken action? Make that call today and let’s start this week off strong! 

What happened last week:

The week ahead:

You’ve already emailed and called your legislators about issues you care about, but you want to do more? Well, I’ve got just the opportunity for you! On March 19, join us for a fun-filled day of learning, lobbying, and oyster-shucking with conservation experts, legislators, and lobbyists.

Please sign up for the March 19 Conservation Coalition Lobby Day and Oyster Roast today.

As always, you can continue to follow our weekly hotlist and more opportunities to take action at www.cvsc.beamandhinge.com.

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