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Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! Days like today make us especially grateful to live in South Carolina. Our state is home to abundant natural resources, diverse ecosystems, and untouched beauty that we should never take for granted. South Carolina is a special place that needs to be protected.

At CVSC, we have found that passing policy is one of the most impactful ways to advance conservation and improve the well-being of communities. And the bolder, the better. As you can imagine, passing bold conservation policies in South Carolina comes with its fair share of challenges, but CVSC has established a unique approach to environmental advocacy and education that makes it possible. Check out this 40-minute recording of today’s Earth Day webinar to learn how we are making progress.

If you only have a few minutes and want to get straight to work protecting the South Carolina you love, check out three ways to get involved below!

  • Support the Palmetto Leadership Academy | South Carolina is in desperate need of leaders with a passion for public service and the environment. You can support the SC Palmetto Leadership Academy by donating to Midlands Gives today! Every dollar up to $2,500 will go twice as far to recruit, train, and support our fellows.
  • Join the CVSC Political Intel Network | You can help CVSC make a big impact in the upcoming elections! Simply join the Political Intel Network and send us any political texts, mail, or voicemails you get. Your input helps shape our strategy to support conservation champions. In return, you’ll get exclusive updates on election news and opportunities to get more involved.
  • Urge Your Senator to Vote No on H.5118 | Use your voice to fight against H.5118, the most significant threat to ratepayers and South Carolina’s environment that we’ve seen in decades. This legislation was on a fast track through the House, and now your Senator has a chance to pump the brakes; they just need to hear from you!

We want nothing more than to see South Carolina’s precious natural resources, unique landscapes, and rich culture protected for generations to come. Your help is vital to the success of this work.

We hope you continue to celebrate the many gifts our great state has to offer today and every day. Thank you for driving this work that directly impacts the sustainability of our earth and future generations that must live and thrive on it!

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