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Good News! PSC Reverses Bad Solar Decision

Remember when we asked you to take action before the holidays on solar energy?

We have good news – your voice was heard! Check out Friday’s headline from the Post & Courier:

“SC utility regulators reverse course in case between Dominion and solar developers” 

In short, the Public Service Commission did an about-face on their Dominion Energy decision regarding solar payments (also called avoided costs) for large-scale solar projects. This signals a change in the way the PSC is valuing solar energy, setting a price that more accurately supports our growing solar marketplace.

While this is certainly worth celebrating, our work is not done. There are still some items that are left to be decided – like the length of solar contracts in this Dominion case and the overall decisions in the companion Duke Energy solar cases.

So while we’re not yet ready to say we avoided the “doomsday scenario” for solar in South Carolina, we certainly took a GOOD step forward.

We want to thank all of you who called your legislators, attended our Town Halls, or signed our Ratepayer Letter last month.

Your voice has been heard clearly across South Carolina and we could not have done this without your help. Click this link to take a look at our Ratepayer Letter submitted to the PSC that was signed by over 860 people!

We are encouraged by the progress being made and are eager to see what happens next. Meanwhile, we will continue to watch these developments and will keep you updated on any breaking news.

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