Rebecca Haynes Rebecca Haynes
May 10, 2016

Your Representative will vote next week on the Polluter Amnesty Bill (S.229). This bill will prevent you from protecting yourself and your family from illegal and toxic pollution. Take a stand now and ask your Representative to oppose polluter amnesty.

The House of Representatives wants to take away your right to protect yourself and your children from illegal and toxic pollution. House members say that EPA and DHEC give us the protection we need, but what happens when government fails us?

We saw what happened in Flint, Michigan when government failed to protect its citizens – children and other vulnerable populations suffered.

We know what could happen in SC from illegal toxic pollution from the Pinewood landfill or from leaking coal ash ponds. Don’t let the House of Representatives take away your right to protect yourself.
The House is trying to protect industry, not citizens. Who is protecting us and our children? We must protect our right to hold polluters accountable for illegal pollution.
Speak out today. Ask your representative to vote NO on the Polluter Amnesty Bill (S.229) or to return to the Senate version that protects your right to hold polluters accountable.


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