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Cleaning up litter and fighting rollbacks from the State House

After another busy week at the State House, we are bracing ourselves for key decisions next week on how our rights as citizens to protect the South Carolina we love.

But first, let’s give a shout out to the unanimous passage by the House of a bill to reduce litter in our State. H.3035, sponsored by Reps. Gilda Cobb Hunter and Deborah Long, will evaluate public and private programs and campaigns that are working, create a Strategic Plan to reduce litter and identify metrics for measuring success.

CVSC intern, Jay Crowder, testified at Rep. Chandra Dillard’s  House Agriculture Subcommittee hearing on the bill just last week and said “We know that South Carolinians wholeheartedly reject more out of state trash being dumped in our state. So why do we tolerate throwing it out the window? H.3035 will help empower a “roll up our sleeves” and “take pride in South Carolina” attitude.”

His testimony also referenced a “Litter Scorecard” issued by the American Society for Public Administration, a public service advocacy group in Washington, D.C, that ranked South Carolina as the “dirtiest state” using a variety of metrics. Onward to the Senate.

Now back to the bad news…

We are again haunted by two complicated bills (that we defeated last session) that seek to roll back regulatory protections in SC:

S.228: Elimination of DHEC Board Review

S.229: Polluter Amnesty

We need you to take action by calling your Senator this coming week on the Medical Affairs Committee using the links above.

Please join the Conse

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