CVSC is proud to endorse Rep. Russell Ott (D-St. Matthews) for District 93. Ott is a conservation champion with a score of 113% for this session and a lifetime score of 92%. He sponsored a bills designed to increase energy market competition, eliminate “lost revenue” payments to utilities due to solar growth, and to eliminate the cap on net metering.

Ott is dedicated to creating an environment that enables South Carolinians to lower their power bills and take control of their energy independence. Alongside his support of solar industry growth, Ott got behind a bill to allow solar companies to designate sites as “pollinator and bird friendly.” Installation sites that landscaped with native plants and provided positive habitats for birds, bees, and other key species could earn the habitat friendly tag. His support of solar and clean energy initiatives have been a major factor in the expanded understanding and momentum towards a diversified, cleaner energy future in South Carolina. Ott also stood behind the bill that created a consumer advocate position, designed to look after the best interest of ratepayers in utility regulation decision making.

He voted to maintain communities’ rights to create local solutions to local plastic pollution problems and to create a funding mechanism to allow SCDHEC to respond to landfill spill emergencies. Ott’s dedication to the well-being of South Carolina residents and to their independence make CVSC proud to endorse him as a conservation champion.