We are facing a monumental threat from seismic testing and offshore drilling and we are standing with you to stop these threats in South Carolina waters.

We created the Take the Pledge campaign to build a pathway of actions to unite voices across the state and put a permanent end to this threat.

Many of you have taken this pledge already. If you haven’t, Take the Pledge today and take action to stop offshore drilling and seismic testing.

Today, we are issuing this challenge to you: 

We challenge you to get 5 friends to Take the Pledge and help us protect the economy, jobs, and coastline of the Palmetto State. Can you do it today?

That pathway includes actions that already made a difference:

-  The SC General Assembly passed a one-year ban on any infrastructure needed to support offshore drilling. Your messages to legislators, your voice, made that happen.

- We asked you to submit comments when DHEC was considering an application to allow seismic blasting in our waters. Over 400 of you did just that. Your pledge to take action and your commitment to stand up for South Carolina helped DHEC reject that application. 

- You delivered more than 300 emails to your Senators and Representatives in Washington, D.C. to encourage them to vote against offshore drilling. 

Now, we’re challenging you to get 5 friends or family to Take the Pledge and help us protect the economy, jobs, and coastline of the Palmetto State.

Taking the pledge is about more than words. It’s about taking key actions to stop big oil from turning our waterways, salt marshes, and vibrant beach communities into tanker truck highways and refineries. This is a pathway to END the threats of offshore drilling and seismic testing for good. Can you meet the challenge?

South Carolina is under the gun and we don’t know what may happen next at the Federal level. Together we can take action and pass permanent protections for our coast.

Forward this message to friends and family today:

Because our vital tourism economy, local fisheries, pristine salt marshes, and uniquely South Carolina way of life are so important, I want you to join me in taking this pledge to take action to end Offshore Drilling. Please click here to take on this challenge.   

If we stand united against offshore drilling and seismic testing, we can pass permanent protections and end these threats once and for all.