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From the Exec -Elections Have Consequences

From the Exec is a biweekly message where I get to share some important thoughts with our friends and neighbors about the conservation world and the important work we do.
Elections have consequences.

When we rally as conservation voters and sweep conservation-minded candidates into office, the consequences are that we protect the South Carolina we love – we’re able to pass policies that protect clean air and water, preserve unique landscapes, and advance clean energy.

But if conservation voters, like you, don’t make your voices heard, the consequences could be devastating – rollbacks to core environmental protections, unchecked irresponsible growth, continued reliance on dirty energy, and more.

It is because of these consequences that endorsing pro-conservation candidates and working to help elect them is at the heart of what CVSC does.  

Right now, we’re sending direct mail, knocking on doors, and targeting digital ads to the thousands of voters, like you, who will determine the outcome of the November 6 election. We do this to make sure these key voters know about CVSC’s endorsed candidates and their work to protect the air, land, and water of our state.

When we make endorsements, CVSC looks beyond party affiliation because, thankfully, caring about our natural resources is more than Democratic or Republican talking points – conservation is a deeply held South Carolina value. In fact, in the current political climate that seems so divisive, conservation is one of the shining examples of how folks with different political ideologies can work together for the best interest of our state.

That’s why we’re proud to endorse 19 pro-conservation Republicans and 12 pro-conservation Democrats for state legislative offices, as well as James Smith for Governor, for the general election.

So as November 6 approaches, we want to share three simple steps to help you make your pro-conservation choices easier at the ballot box:

  1. Check your voter registration to make sure you know which districts you live in, who you can vote for, and the address of your voting precinct.
  2. Find CVSC’s endorsed candidates in your districts.
  3. Show up and vote! Make a plan to vote on November 6 by putting the time and location on your calendar. Or you can vote absentee early if you’re going to be working on Election Day, will be out of town, or are over 65 – see more aboutvoting absentee here.

To make sure that the pro-conservation candidates win at the ballot box, there’s an important fourth step – vote with your friends and family, and make sure they know who the conservation champions are on their ballot by sharing our endorsements with them.

Too often, elections are decided by just a handful of votes – especially in the midterm elections – so every single vote is critical to ensure that conservation candidates win in November.

Voting to elect conservation champions will help us continue building a bipartisan majority in the Statehouse and bring the pro-conservation consequences of voting to fruition. Getting more conservation-minded voters involved in voting for these candidates will help us to continue building a movement that will hold our elected leaders accountable.

This is why your vote and your work this election is so critical.

We look forward to seeing you at the polls on November 6 as we cast our votes for all the conservation champions who will fight for the South Carolina we all love.

Thanks for all you do!

John Tynan, Executive Director

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