In making endorsements, CVSC’s Board of Directors considers a candidate’s record, experience, leadership, viability and interest in conservation. We do not expect candidates to be experts on our current issues, so we do not ask for commitments on specific positions. We look forward to a conversation with candidates about their legislative priorities.

Look up your legislative district and find out who’s running at this link.

CVSC released early endorsements on March 9, 2020. These early endorsements are outlined below and represent those candidates who CVSC wanted to endorse regardless of if challenged or who their opponent may be. These early endorsements were chosen because of each of these candidates’ strong support for conservation, their commitment to protecting the natural resources of our state, and the history of leadership on conservation and clean energy issues.

Additional endorsements were released on May 19, 2020. Additional general election endorsements will follow. Please see this page with questions about CVSC’s 2020 endorsement process and timeline.

2020 SC Senate Endorsements as of 5/15/20
District Endorsed Candidate Endorsement Letter Primary Result General Result
Senate District 7 Karl Allen (D) Letter Won
Senate District 10 Floyd Nicholson (D) Letter N/A
Senate District 11 Glenn Reese (D) Letter N/A
Senate District 12 Scott Talley (R) Letter Won
Senate District 16 (open) Michael Johnson (R) Letter Runoff-Won
Senate District 17 Mike Fanning (D) Letter Won
Senate District 18 Ronnie Cromer (R) Letter Won
Senate District 20 Dick Harpootlian (D) Letter N/A
Senate District 22 Mia McLeod (D) Letter N/A
Senate District 23 Katrina Shealy (R) Letter N/A
Senate District 24 Tom Young (R) Letter N/A
Senate District 26 Nikki Setzler (D) Letter N/A
Senate District 27 Vincent Sheheen (D) Letter N/A
Senate District 29 Gerald Malloy (D) Letter N/A
Senate District 32 Ronnie Sabb (D) Letter Won
Senate District 36 Kevin Johnson (D) Letter Won
Senate District 37 Larry Grooms (R) Letter N/A
Senate District 39 (open) Vernon Stephens (D) Letter Runoff-Won
Senate District 40 Brad Hutto (D) Letter Won
Senate District 41 Sandy Senn (R) Letter N/A
Senate District 43 Chip Campsen (R) Letter N/A
Senate District 45 Margie Bright-Matthews (D) Letter N/A
Senate District 46 Tom Davis (R) Letter N/A
2020 SC House Endorsements as of 5/15/20
District Endorsed Candidate Endorsement Letter Primary Result General Result
House District 3 (open) Jerry Carter (R) Letter Runoff-Won
House District 5 Neal Collins (R) Letter Runoff-Won
House District 8 Vaughn Parfitt (R) Letter Lost
House District 10 West Cox (R) Letter Won
House District 15 JA Moore (D) Letter N/A
House District 25 Leola Robinson-Simpson (D) Letter Won
House District 28 Ashley Trantham (R) Letter N/A
House District 33 (open) Travis Moore (R) Letter Won
House District 35 Chris Bennett (R) Letter Runoff-Lost
House District 43 Randy Ligon (R) Letter N/A
House District 44 Mandy Powers Norrell (D) Letter N/A
House District 47 Tommy Pope (R) Letter N/A
House District 49 John King (D) Letter N/A
House District 52 Laurie Funderburk (D) Letter N/A
House District 54 Pat Henegan (D) Letter N/A
House District 64 (open) Kimberly Johnson (D) Letter
House District 66 Gilda Cobb-Hunter (D) Letter N/A
House District 71 Nathan Ballentine (R) Letter N/A
House District 78 Beth Bernstein (D) Letter N/A
House District 79 Ivory Thigpen (D) Letter N/A
House District 80 Jermaine Johnson (D) Letter Won
House District 94 (open) Gil Gatch (R) Letter Won
House District 95 Jerry Govan (D) Letter Won
House District 97 Mandy Kimmons (R) Letter N/A
House District 100 Sylleste Davis (R) Letter Won
House District 109 (open) Deon Tedder (D) Letter Runoff-Won
House District 110 William Cogswell (R) Letter Won
House District 113 Marvin Pendarvis (D) Letter Won
House District 115 (open) Spencer Wetmore (D) Letter Won
House District 118 Bill Herbkersman (R) Letter Won
House District 119 Leon Stavrinakis (D) Letter N/A
House District 122 Shedron Williams (D) Letter N/A
House District 123 Jeff Bradley (R) Letter Won
House District 124 Shannon Erickson (R) Letter Won
2020 Early Endorsements for Unopposed Incumbents
District Endorsed Candidate Endorsement Letter
Senate District 35 Thomas McElveen (D) Letter
Senate District 42 Marlon Kimpson (D) Letter
House District 21 Bobby Cox (R) Letter
House District 23 Chandra Dillard (D) Letter
House District 31 Rosalyn Henderson Myers (D) Letter
House District 50 Will Wheeler (D) Letter
House District 61 Roger Kirby (D) Letter
House District 69 Chris Wooten (R) Letter
House District 70 Wendy Brawley (D) Letter
House District 72 Seth Rose (D) Letter
House District 89 Micah Caskey (R) Letter
House District 93 Rusell Ott (D) Letter
House District 120 Weston Newton (R) Letter

We are less than 20 days away from the June 9 primary elections. In the next few weeks, campaign signs will pop up on nearly every street corner, your mailbox will overflow with campaign literature, and TV, radio, and social media platforms will be flooded with candidate ads. We know that a lot has been going on. We know you’ve likely been distracted with COVID response issues and the resulting economic impacts. And we know that […]

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The Board of Directors of Conservation Voters of South Carolina (CVSC) announced its endorsement of 8 State Senators and 28 State Representatives in the 2020 election. “South Carolina needs champions in the House and Senate who will fight for clean air and water, stand up for the rights of citizens to a clean environment, and lead bipartisan coalitions to advance clean energy,” said John Tynan, CVSC’s Executive Director. “We are proud to endorse each of […]

March 10, 2020 | Read More >

We won a lot of races during the primaries (85% to be exact), but we haven’t reached the finish line…yet. The general election is days away on Tuesday, November 6 – and there are conservation candidates up and down the ballot that need your vote to win! Conservation champions have achieved great things at the Statehouse – permanent reauthorization of the Conservation Bank, historic shoreline protections, transformative energy reforms, and more. Now these champions – and conservation […]

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COLUMBIA, S.C. – The Conservation Voters of South Carolina (CVSC) announced Monday they were officially endorsing Dick Harpootlian for State Senate District 20 in Richland and Lexington Counties. The leading political voice for conservation in South Carolina, CVSC supports bipartisan, pragmatic leaders who will advance conservation at the Statehouse. “South Carolina needs a Senator who will shake things up at the Statehouse, who won’t back down from a fight, and who will focus on the […]

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It’s that time again – the time when campaign signs start popping up, when political ads flood the TV and radio airwaves, when candidate mailers appear in your mailbox on a daily basis. It’s ELECTION TIME! The primary elections are just 18 days away on Tuesday, June 12. And for many of you, the primary may be the only chance you have to cast your vote for your State House Representative. Turnout in primary elections is extremely […]

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“Conservation Leadership Sets James Smith Apart” COLUMBIA, SC – The Board of Directors of Conservation Voters of South Carolina (CVSC) announced today its endorsement of Representative James Smith for Governor of South Carolina in the 2018 election. In 2009, Representative Smith was honored with CVSC’s first ever Green Tie Award for House Conservation Leadership. “South Carolina needs a leader who will advance a bold vision for the future of our state and protect the air, […]

April 19, 2018 | Read More >

COLUMBIA, S.C. – The Conservation Voters of South Carolina (CVSC) on Thursday announced they were officially endorsing Michael Weaver for State House District 69. CVSC chose to endorse Weaver because of his commitment to keeping our rivers and lakes clean for drinking, swimming, and fishing as well as his strong belief that conservation and business go hand-in-hand. “We’re backing Michael because he understands the needs of District 69 and will be a strong voice for clean air and […]

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CVSC Backs “A Strong Voice for Conservation” COLUMBIA, S.C. – The Conservation Voters of South Carolina (CVSC) on Thursday announced they were officially endorsing Ashley Trantham for State House District 28. CVSC chose to endorse Trantham because of her support for South Carolina’s agricultural economy and recognition that conservation and business go hand-in-hand. “We’re backing Ashley because she understands the needs of District 28 and will be a strong voice for conservation,” said CVSC Executive […]

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Conservation Voters of South Carolina (CVSC) has announced the endorsement for re-election of Hugh Weathers for Commissioner of Agriculture. CVSC also announced the endorsements of three additional House candidates for election and re-election to the state legislature. The candidates come from both major parties and represent a cross-section of South Carolinians.

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Today the Board of Directors of Conservation Voters of South Carolina (CVSC) announced the endorsement of Senator Vincent Sheheen for Governor of South Carolina.

Jay James, CVSC’s Chairman of the Board said, “You do not have to speak to Vincent for very long to know that his commitment and passion for conservation is from the heart. I am certain he will make our natural resources a priority as governor.”

“We have an obligation to all South Carolinians to inform them of candidates’ records during election season. That responsibility is especially critical when it comes to the gubernatorial race, our most important statewide office,” said Ann Timberlake, CVSC’s Executive Director. “In the governor’s race, the choice could not be clearer—for Senator Sheheen conservation is an important part of his public life and his record reflects that. On the other hand, Governor Nikki Haley has barely given conservation a minute of her attention while in office.”

February 18, 2014 | Read More >