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Endorsement Process

Endorsements are the foundation of CVSC’s political work and help frame the conservation debate by rewarding pro-conservation candidates and by putting candidates who are hostile or indifferent to the environment on notice.

CVSC’s endorsements convey important information about a candidate’s environmental position and record to both the voting public. We strive to make our process clear, consistent, fair, balances, and bipartisan.


CVSC evaluates a candidate and a race based on the environmental record of candidates, stated positions of candidates, viability of candidates, and a candidate’s ability and interest in taking a proactive leadership role on conservation issues.

To dig into these issues, CVSC relies upon responses to our candidate feedback form, candidate interviews, an in-depth analysis of the district , fundraising reports, input from local advocates and conservation leaders, and more.

State Elections Only

Generally, we only endorse in State House, State Senate, and constitutional officer elections. We DO NOT endorse in federal elections (i.e. US Senate, US House, President).

Limited Endorsements

CVSC does not endorse in all contested races. In fact, there will be many races where CVSC chooses to not endorse either candidate. Not engaging in a race DOES NOT convey a position on one candidate or the other. Rather, not engaging in a race may be the result of priority of the race relative to others, absence of a viable conservation champion in the race, or that the race does not present an opportunity to draw a clear distinction between two conservation leaders.

Early Endorsement of Conservation Champions: In election Years, CVSC may endorse a number of incumbent conservation leaders before filing for legislative offices open. These endorsements are for conservation champions who we strongly support because of their consistent support and/or leadership on critical issues. These are intended to signal our support for these champions, regardless of if they have an opponent or who the opponent may be.