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Disturbing News from DHEC

The DHEC Board hired its Director-nominee for a newly-created position while the nominee awaits Senate review. By creating a new position for the nominee with a salary potentially greater than the Director’s salary, the DHEC Board violates the spirit of the law requiring Senate advice and consent.  

We have a petition to ASK SENATORS TO REJECT DHEC’S UNPRECEDENTED POWER GRAB.  Please sign if you agree that the Senate should hold the DHEC Board accountable. 

DHEC enforces the laws that keep our drinking water safe, keep our children from being exposed to asbestos, and keep hazardous waste out of our lakes. Too much is at stake. Qualifications matter. Senators are in a position to insist on a deliberate and transparent hiring process. Senator Lourie told The State in response to the latest news, “It sounds as if there is an attempt to usurp the confirmation process and that concerns me.”


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